Adnan – MTB at Avianto 2015


Looking at the sky this morning, I pictured myself riding while the rain was pouring and this made me think about safety. The guys who had ridden this trail before told me about the technical rocky terrain and if it rained that would  make it difficult to navigate. I was in two minds about riding this event.when good common sense prevailed. What self respecting Mountain biker allows a thing like rain to stop him from enjoying a morning ride. I set my destination on Google maps and off I went hoping that it would turn out ok. Arrived in one piece and without any wrong turns thank heavens. It was half 7 when I finished with the registration which gave me 35 minutes to organise myself and get back to the starting line. I arrived at the start when the last of the 45km batch had left. Batch A of the 25km riders were being seen off and then it was the turn of batch B in which group I was placed. To say that the place was beautiful would be a lie. The truth is, i never really got to see anything besides the trail. I was all concentration and full of the belief that I would cycle without incident if I read the trail well. And so I did having to many times remind myself to take my hand off the front brake. The trail contained more rocks then any other place i’ve been to. That I moved upward, rocks and all with delightful ease made me feel really inspired. Then there were those I had to say, enough is enough and walking my bike I found it quicker and less exerting. Plenty of turns constantly ensuring that your eyes remain glued to what is before you. Reminders all the time to resist the temptation of looking away. The weather was excellent. Overcast throughout and not a drop of rain. I stopped briefly at the one water point and hurriedly set off after downing the drink given to me. I came away from Avianto real pleased with myself and thankful for the new moment that will warm my heart and bring a smile to my face many years from now. To those who cycled this race in both the 45 and 25km’s of which there were many, well done guys. I got to see some of you and missed the others. Just seeing familiar faces is always such a treat for me and makes my day so special. Uncle A

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