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about Jozi X Training


It is the mission of Jozi X Training to establish a multi-sport athletics sporting organisation to encourage membership and community participation for young and old; male and female persons.


Jozi was formed to fill a much needed gap in the sporting arena within the community of the Mayfair West and surrounding areas, and will exist to serve the community by ensuring that the club stays rejuvenated, group training sessions are arranged, members are encouraged to participate in events to further enhance their training, to promote the club via various media and social media.

The club name and colours has been officially approved by the Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA) body. Jozi began operating as a club in January 2011 with only a hand full of members, mainly family.

With the growing road and mountain biking enthusiasm, in 2015, Jozi registered with Central Cycling Gauteng to offer community members a local home to register for an annual cycling license.


The Club shall enforce and be guided by the following objectives:

  1. To establish friendly and loyal co-operation between all members for the benefit of athletics, maintaining cost efficient and effective administration, harmonious co-existence and co-operation in promoting the best interest of all athletes.
  2. To ensure that no form of discrimination be it based on race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender or otherwise be permitted at The Club.
  3. Compliance and maintenance of the rules of The Club’s constitution.
  4. The Club shall foster, encourage, improve, control and manager the sport of Amateur Athletics in the area under its control and jurisdiction and shall serve neighbouring areas that do have a registered club.
  5. Affiliation to the C.G.A and T.S.A.

Obtaining and/or provisioning suitable grounds, premises, facilities, equipment and other conveniences necessary for the practising and implementation of the sport or road running and triathlons.
Obtain and/or raise funds through sales of Jozi X memorabilia, sports apparel and sponsorship.


Jozi X Training is an affiliated club with Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA), the athletics governing body of Gauteng, under the umbrella of Athletics South Africa. 

As of 2016 we registered with Triathlon South Africa as a triathlon sports club.

Jozi X Training is a community multi sport club, home to everyone wanting to get back into shape and just be fit and healthy or for those higher achievers wanting become ultra fit.

Whether you a walker, casual jogger or wanting to run the comrades; to the extreme of competing in a triathlon, this club is for you.

Jozi is a multi cultural and non sexist sporting club.

Jozi X Training is a amateur community multi sport club. A social but hopefully well run sports club.
Yasien Sarlie
Founder & Chairman
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