cgc-lionAs an affiliate body of Central Gauteng Cycling (CGC), our main objective is to encourage, nurture, control and promote cycling, particularly recreational road cycling in Central Gauteng.

Further details, membership forms and fees to join the Jozi Cross Training Cycling Club is on the Membership page.

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CYCLING TIPS 101 by Nadi

  1. Starting in a big gear.  If you hop on the bike and start pedalling without checking the resistance, you could strain your knees if there’s too much resistance on the bike. Ideally, start in the small chain in front and large one at the back. Do this for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Leaning on the drops.  It’s a bad idea for a few reasons. In the beginning you need to ensure you keep proper posture. Later when confident you can use your drops a lot more. When sitting up you also building your core and leg-muscle strength. With your arms on the drops you also place stress on your shoulders and neck. For now keep your body centered over the pedals.
  3. Pedalling too fast without enough resistance.  Aim for a cadence of 75-85 as a beginner until you find your ideal cadence. But having no resistance and spinning is not helping you build any muscle strength and endurance. Don’t bounce in the seat you need to adjust resistance or setup.
  4. Hips wobble.  If your hips are tilting from side to side as you ride, this is probably a sign that your seat is too high and you need to do a bike setup. To protect your muscles and your body alignment, your hips should remain stable as you pedal, and there should be a slight bend in your knee when your foot hits the bottom of each pedal stroke.
  5. Grip on the handlebars.  Gripping the handlebars too tightly sends a current of stress into your upper arms, shoulders, back, and neck. It can also lead to numbness in your fingertips. Hold the handlebars with a light, gentle grip.
  6. Excessive resistance.  This may sound like a good way to get a challenging workout but it’s not; it is, however, a good way to get injured. Pushing against excessive resistance (if the pedals stick on their way around or you are struggling to move the pedals) can strain your knees. If you can’t maintain proper cadence at particular resistance level, you’d be better off lowering the resistance until you can build up greater strength. Be patient.
  7. Finishing ride easily.  It’s a mistake to just hop off the bike after riding hard. Ride easy the last 5-10 minutes of the ride. At the end of a challenging ride, your heart rate is elevated and blood is still pumping vigorously to your leg muscles. You need to let your heart rate come down gradually so you ready for your next workout.

There are rides on Saturday and Sunday

Start points are from:

  1. Crosby
  2. Emmarentia Dam
  3. Lido Hotel (in the South) or
  4. The Cradle


Road bike co-ordinator, Zaiboon can be contacted via Whatsapp on 0716836817

The Crosby group rides down to Emmarentia to meet up with a bigger group.  There is a distance for everyone.  Routes may vary and is decided on a weekly basis.


Group Ride Distances:

A Group. 100km+
B Group. 80km
C Group. 40/60km


Jozi Cycling Top


Mountain bike rides happen mainly on a Sunday.  Venue may vary depending on demand.  Some start and ride venues include;

  1. Emmerentia Dam (Braamfontein Spruit)
  2. Thaba Cycle Park MTB Trails
  3. Central Park MTB Trails Modderfontein


More mountain bike trails can be found heremtbroutes

Mountain bike co-ordinator, uncle Adnan can be contacted via Whatsapp on 0738237634



Departure is from Emmerentia Dam, main parking.

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