From Cycling to Running

To all the cyclists/gym junkies, spinner and those runners that laid off for a lengthy period, intending to start running or plan on running an event within the next six months, this is a note of caution to you.

The physical demand between cycling and running is huge. Your body, muscles, joints and bones is stressed at a higher degree. When you start running, your are aerobically fit from cycling, your lung capacity makes it feel easy to want to run fast. You can and will probably get carried away. If

If you want to reach your goal injury free, do yourself a favour and start slower than what you feel you can run, walk every 20/30 minutes. Do this for at least 6 weeks. Give your joints and bones time to adjust and compact. Everyone over, say 35, need to be more careful. If you going to take to running like a wet chicken, you will injure yourself. Running injuries will plague you weeks after your start, when you should be getting ready to run races.

My personal advise to you is to get running fit by doing more longer, frequent runs. Running hill repeats is not about a hilly race you will run. It improves your fitness level faster, make you stronger and gives you a psychological advantage. Don’t do speed work. Minimum 4 runs a week, increase your time on your legs gradually. Gym work once or twice a week, exercise them glutes, they the nucleus of all injury. and Don’t be shy to walk. Respect and enjoy the process, otherwise U will get injured.

I am not a fast runner or fast anything but I have been totally injury free for the 6 years I am back to running/cycling/swimming.

Happy training!!

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