Inspiring member of your team

From: Dinesh Copoosamy
Date: 19 January 2016 at 20:53
Subject: Inspiring member of your team


I recently took up running and ran my first half marathon this Sunday, the Dischem21. Around the 18km mark a lady running behind mark started suffering from severe cramps – I took notice but failed to stop – my thought process at the time was I should stop and check if she is ok but I am struggling too and just want to make it to the end. This was a split second judgement that irked me immediately – I turned my head I guess in the hope that I would see someone else helping to make myself feel better. A young lady from your team stopped to assist and one could see that she did so with utmost compassion for the lady struggling in pain. She did so in a split second and probably without second thought.

This picture has played over in my mind many times since then. It is this kind of unconditional compassion for one another irrespective of race, and irrespective of our own egos that is so sorely needed in the world today.

I let my own ego prevent me from showing compassion to a fellow human that time but thanks to your team members display of real caring for someone they dont know – I can safely say I have been inspired to make every effort to learn and practice that kind of genuine compassion from this day forward.

All the best and thank you for a lesson I will never forget.


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