Jozi 2 Lenz Run - 32/15km

2019 UP RUN

There will be a guard at the grounds to keep an eye on cars.

  1. Run facing oncoming traffic
  2. This is a fun club run, not a race
  3. Pace of last group will be 7 min 30 sec (including stops)
  4. Stick to the pacing group you will be comfortable in to complete the entire distance
  5. Each pacing group will have a Captain
  6. Runners are to stay within 100m of the Captain
  7. Obey Captains rules at all time
  8. Keep an eye out for every other runner and inform Captain of anything of concern
  9. If you cannot manage to stick with your group, inform the Captain before dropping back to a slower group
  10. Groups are encouraged to stay close together, 3 or more runners together and not further than 100m from the Captain
  11. Run not more than 2 shoulders apart
  12. Single file on the Golden highway stretch
  13. Please inform another runner if you need the bush
  14. Run facing oncoming traffic
  15. Anyone battling on the day for whatever reason should bail at Viking garage
  16. Last group is expected at the stadium 10.00am
  17. No walkers will be allowed
  18. Please use the black bags for your litter, keeps roads clean
  1. Each group (5) will have their own support car
  2. Support cars will stop every 3 to 5km depending on a safe stop spot
  3. Support cars will stop at the nearest intersection that is safe for car and runner
  4. Runners will not cross the road to get the a support car, unless it is an emergency
  5. Each support car will have a first aid kit
  6. There will be a roving support car carrying extra refreshments
  7. A light breakfast will be served
  1. 5-5.30/km
  2. 5.45.6-15/km
  3. 6.15-6.30/km
  4. 6.30-7/km
  5. 7-7.30/km


  1. Pick up 32km runners in Mayfair 5am
  2. Pick up 15km runners in Mayfair 6am and drop runners at Viking Garage
  3. Bus will proceed to Jubileum Grounds, Mayfair

1st Support Stop 4km –
2nd Support Stop 7.8km –
3rd Support Stop 12km –
4th Support Stop 16.5km –
5th Support Stop 19km –
6th Support Stop 22km –
7th Support Stop 25km –
8th Support Stop 28km –

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