Jozi Highest Mileage Challenge 2016

Dear Jozi Athletes

Trust you all are well and looking forward to the holiday break.

Many of you enthusiastic Jozi athletes are aware of the Jozi Highest Mileage Challenge that was introduced at the beginning of 2015. This was an initiative to motivate, inspire and recognise fellow Jozi athletes participating in road running events and be rewarded for their gallant effort. It is noted that since inception many new members have joined the Jozi X Training Club and are unaware of the Highest Mileage Challenge. To bring you all up to speed the Rules for Participation are as follows:


  1. Athlete must be a registered Jozi X Training Club member with membership fees paid to date.
  2. Only ASA registered Road Running events will be accepted and recognised.
  3. The Highest Mileage Challenge is open to all ages, male and female athletes.
  4. No triathlon, trail runs, fun runs, cycling or swimming mileage will be recorded for this Challenge.
  5. The Highest Mileage Challenge commences immediately after the Jozi X year end function. For example, the 2015/2016 Challenge started on the day of the Alberton race.
  6. The Challenge is open to all official ASA road running events, from as little as 5km up to and including all ultra marathons      throughout South Africa.
  7. Participating athlete details, such as, name of event, date of event, mileage covered must be forwarded by “Whatsapp”, sms or email to me at least 3 days after the event. The finishing times are not required.
  8. Distance of mileage covered will be recorded, irrespective whether one has completed the race or not. For instance, an athlete who participates in the Comrades Marathon and fails to complete the race will be credited with the number of kilometres covered.
  9. Mileages must be forwarded to me and due to time constraints will not be downloaded from internet or any results data sheet.
  10. All mileages submitted will be randomly verified to confirm athletes participation.
  11. Any athlete who fails to provide correct information will be disqualified from participating in the Challenge.

    Uncle Goolam
    Uncle Goolam


Due to the delayed notification of the Jozi Highest Mileage Challenge, I have considered granting concession to all participants by automatically crediting distance mileages for the Alberton, Kathlehong and Orlando Races. Please advise the distance you’ve run.

Please feel free to call or message me should you require further clarity or have any questions regarding the Highest Mileage Challenge.

Good luck to all.

Kind regards


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