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Our club operates as a mutual benefit society. Our members are actively involved in various aspects of the operation of the club. There are a number of areas where members volunteering can make valuable contributions to the club and the other members.

The most common areas of volunteering assistance, are as follows:

Race hospitality (Gazebo hosts)
Marshaling and other race organization participation
News and article writing
Photography and video
If you are able to assist with any of these, please send an email to Volunteers@RandburgHarriers.co.za and tell us how you would like to contribute as a volunteer.


This involves manning the gazebo at a race or event being attended by Randburg Harriers members. Setting up the gazebo is really easy and can be done without much effort by 2 people. You will be the host on the race day, being at the race slightly before the other members in order to unlock the trailer and show the members where to store their belongings during the race. You will be preparing the gazebo area, setting out the small plastic chairs and fold open deck chairs and laying out the refreshments based on the selection of refreshments available at the event. Typically this will include soft drinks as well as light meals such as boere wors rolls, or other snacks. You will make sure that the drinks are on ice, and that there are sufficient refreshments laid out on the tables for the runners. After the event, you will need to strike the site and pack everything back into the trailer. The trailer is to be returned to base if you have a towbar. If you don’t have a towbar, the trailer will be collected for you.

If you are able to assist with towing the trailer to an event, we would appreciate your assistance too. As not all members have towbars fitted to their cars, we do need help sometimes to get the trailer to an event and returned after the event.

News and

We appreciate articles written by club members about any running related subject. If you have a review of equipment that you would like to share, or if you have an opinion on nutrition or hydration that others would benefit from, or any other runner orientated interest, we would be grateful for your contribution for inclusion on our website.

Photography and

If you have an artistic eye, or if you are handy with a video camera and would like to share images and content from races and events, we would like to hear from you. We would appreciate as many contributors as possible. If there are members who would like to submit footage and images from different points along race routes of Randburg Harriers doing their thing, their submissions would be welcomed and appreciated by all club members. If you are a student doing multimedia / advertising / photography or art, this is a great opportunity to gain some practical experience.

If you are at all able to assist in any of these areas, please send us your contact details, and we will respond to you with gratitude.

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