Mumtaz Chohan at Oceans 2017

Huzaifa Gani, Hamza Gani, Ahmed Gani and Mumtaz Chohan Gani at Two Oceans 2017

Where do I begin ! My Wendywood team will not let me live down my first 5km run with them as I arrived with a filled camelbak that was heavier than me ? Fast forward 7 months and I am conquering my first half marathon!!!
After a bad cycling crash I decided to give running a go. My son Hamza also started having a love for running so I knew it was something we could try together.
I started with short 2-3km runs , half of which I walked and could barely breath!
I set my eyes on the 2 oceans marathon and said to my team, that is my goal and you need to get me there. 7 months ago it seemed impossible ! I couldn’t even run 500m , how would I do 21???
Getting there meant Many early mornings, hill training, speedwork, westcliff stairs and hardwork and dedication like never before !

2 weeks before the big day I hurt my knee and so my tapering started earlier than expected! But I was determined to cross that finish line!
The 2 oceans marathon lived up to its name ! From the vibe, to the supporters to the scenery, I couldn’t have asked for a better race to do my first half marathon !
The hills were easily accomplished , joburg hills are definitely more terrifying !
The bands and crowd on the way literally carry you through and make you forget about the pain.
My knee did hurt , from about 4km, but I pushed and I conquered !
Crossing the finish line was such an accomplishment .. when you think about it in figures it is TWENTY ONE kilometers ! I realize how far it is when I try and explain it to my 4 year old ?
I couldn’t have done it without my amazing team Cool Runners (Jozi X Wendywood)
Our team captain Zaahid Kara for getting me out there on the early morning runs and persevering when all I could do was walk
Uncle Mo Moolla and Sanaiya for all there motivation, inspiration and advice
My fellow running partners Anisa Kara, Mia, Nafisa Varachia, Farhad Kadwa, Nazeera, Mariam and Naseem who proved to me it was possible
Yousuf Mayet who does NOT let you stop no matter how steep the hill !
Raees Nathie, the official speedster for my speed and hill training!
MSD my pacing sergeant !

I will be back ! To take on the ultra! But for now I can basque in the fact that I DID IT!!

My running journey would not have even begun had it not been for my Hamza. Taking part in cross country at school gave him a taste for running and he decided it was something he wanted to do!
Tackling 5km runs at every event I attended became his challenge . In February he decided he wanted to try an 8km and with the selfless help of Nabeela Gangat he did it!

When I decided to come to the 2 Oceans , I decided to make it a family sporting trip! I entered Hamza and my husband Ahmed in the 5.6km run and Huzaifah my 4 year old in the toddler 300m dash!
It is so inspiring to watch Hamza run and get stronger and faster ! And it is so heartwarming to see how Huzaifah wants to tackle the challenge!
(Ahmed was unable to do the run)
Hamza completed the 5.6km in a phenomenal time and pace! At each race he just gets better and better!
Huzaifah gave it his all and was thrilled to be a medal recipient!

Overall it was a successful sporting weekend for all of us ?

My kids are my inspiration and my training would not be possible if not for the help of Ahmed .. My kids are my biggest support ! When they look at me , so proud of what I have done, it makes it all worth it!

We are a fit family !!!! And are proud to be !!!

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