Nabeela Gangat – 6 month running anniversary

NabsMy 6 month running anniversary is looming…  On 12 March 2016, I will celebrate running on the road for 6 amazing months. These are the 50 things I learnt, so far, while running on the road:

1. Running takes pure guts & grit!
2. Running makes you feel brave like you can accomplish anything you can imagine and dream…
3. Running allows you to see things from a different perspective, the ground!
4. Running increases community awareness and builds stronger and healthier communities.
5. Running forces you to dig deep within yourself!
6. Running makes you question your sanity, regularly! ?
7. Running allows you to meet new people.
8. Running helps you help people!
9. Running brings up your emotional stuff…
10. Running allows you to speak to your inner psyche.
11. Running makes you more aware of your body – you learn names of muscles and tendons in your body that you never knew existed!
12. Running forces you to take care of yourself, going for a massage or even sleeping for an extra hour!
13. Running makes you more grateful for the body you have been blessed with: the air in your lungs, your heart pumping oxygen and your moving legs!
14. Running makes you more open to new experiences!
15. Running forces you not to judge people by how they look, you see people of all ages, sizes and capabilities running really well!
16. Running is a subjective experience, one person’s easy run is another person’s all out effort!
17. Running forces you to sleep better!
18. Running forces you to eat better!
19. Running humbles you…
20. Running encourages you to listen to your ?
21. Running brings out the best and worst in you.
22. Running forces you to be more self-aware of your surroundings.
23. Running increases respect for oneself!
24. Running pushes you out of your comfort zone!
25. Running encourages you to be more flexible, a change of plan is sometimes needed!
26. Running teaches you to never ever quit, ever!
27. Running teaches you to listen to others!
28. Running teaches you to depend on others, you cannot achieve greatness on your own!
29. Running can re-ignite your faith in humanity and shows you how kind people actually are, especially the volunteers at races who sacrifice their time to hand out water, keep the roads safe and ensure that runners are taken care of in the best possible way ??
30. Running builds bridges between people, it is a forum where people of all colours, shapes and sizes get to do what they love, run!
31. Running forces you to think about what’s important and not to sweat about the little things!
32. Running shows you how forgiving your body is and if trained well, you can achieve what you thought was impossible!
33. Running allows you to better your self!
34. Running teaches you to love yourself!
35. Running encourages camaraderie and sportsmanship!
36. Running shows you that your best is good-enough!
37. Running encourages you to reflect within yourself!
38. Running allows deep thinking…
39. Running allows you to enjoy nature, in all its glory!
40. Running takes you to new places, you would otherwise not see!
41. Running forces you to be more mindful of what food you put in your body!
42. Running teaches you to respect the power of Mother Nature’s natural elements: sun, rain and wind!
43. Running teaches you to breathe!
44. Running shows your true worth and value, daily…
45. Running is a magnifying glass into one’s soul: what is said on the road stays on the road!
46. Running teaches you that every journey begins with the first step and the first step is usually the hardest!
47. Running teaches you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable!
48. Running teaches you determination, we all have good running days and bad running days, give yourself some TLC, get up and keep running!
49. Runners are a friendly bunch, most runners say hi and greet!
50. Finally, running is the best thing I could have started doing but after days like today, I know that running is more about mental strength than anything else!

Running is a wonderful journey, everyone should try it at some point in their lives! It is life-changing…

Kindest Regards


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