Nabeelah Coovadia

Nabeelah Coovadia – Comrades From The Sideline

This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to support my running family at the comrades marathon right from the sidelines. It was such an incredible experience to see all the people I run with or have met on a race persevere through a 90km run. It was the most inspirational moment for me to see you all come in with strong minds even though your legs were buggered. Watching the winners come in made me marvel at what humans are capable of. Seeing Caroline Wostmann fight through her pain and not give up – finishing with a smile on her face – made me realise that even if you don’t come out first, the journey and the obstacles are what make your success a win not the position. Caroline you’re one of my running heroes and seeing you come in, being able to share that moment with you was just amazing. To all the Jozi X Training runners who came through you all looked so fantastic coming in and I felt so honoured to be a part of jozi running group when I saw the spirit that carried you all through. I was amazed to see so many Jozi shirts come through and screamed my lungs out in the hopes that I could offer some motivation as you all passed the final turn to the finish line. There were so many expressions of pain, triumph, ease, courage and determination on your faces that it sent shivers of encouragement through my being. Ray Cranston my absolute hero and inspiration this was the first time I got to watch you come in for a race and it was such an honour as usual you looked strong and you wowed us all – one day I know I will be running comrades with you (and by then probably Conor ). To Tasneem Shakor- Gangat I saw you coming in and you were in the zone so focused and so steady, your mind and strength are incredible and I look forward to more runs with you. Much like myself your mind focuses on a goal and nothing moves you away from that and it’s that same determination that I could see on your face as you came in. Shenaaz and Yousof Bhayat smiles on your face and a happy attitude as always you guys really know how to make running fun and it’s the runs with you guys that always make me smile. From you guys I get taken away from the seriousness of life and rather taught to enjoy every moment and forget the pain – there’s always a bright side to the climbs. Zaheer Allawoodeen simply put – amazing. Abdul Basit Chafekar and Yusuf banoo you two made it and in the most exciting time. Really proud of you guys and I hope you heard my screams!

To all those that ran comrades. You’re all legends, you’re all inspirations. You are the reason I can taste my comrades dream, you are the reason it feels real. I hope and pray that in a few years I will also be able to call myself a comrades runner. So here’s to my running family – run as one and run to be humble. I love you all, it was amazing sharing the atmosphere of a remarkable feat with you all.

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