Pirates 21km

There were smiles and smirks on the beaming faces of the “Jozi X” runners and members, and why not, they came, they saw and they conquered.

Indeed my first impressions was of a well populated “Jozi X” gathering point with groups of runners here and there, no doubt sharing the highs and lows of their race while some others felt the need to just sit alone and relive the moment. There was also amongst them, those who did not run but who’s feats with regard to the organisation and setting up of this affair was equally as impressive as those of the runners who clocked times of 85 and 92 minutes. There was nothing that was lacking and there was so much to eat and drink.

The vibe around the place was electric and I could sense the joy of those who had completed the race. There was many greetings and plenty of free advise and of course many new faces. It was great for me to meet up with some of my mentors and share some precious moments with them. It was especially a treat for me to visit Mems Moosa as I used to always do, and make a much needed purchase. All in all, It was a great place to be at. It was a great lot of people to be with. It was your usual collection of winners with their never say die attitude. Great stuff “Jozi X”.

Uncle Adnan



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