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Running Thoughts

The key to successful running is having a bad run once in a while… This seems like a contradiction, bear with me while I explain my rationale. If I were to always have a good run that was perfectly planned and executed, I will never truly learn to appreciate the good run experiences! A bad run, once in a while is a good experience because it motivates me to achieve the end goal and also forces me to committ fully, become more consistent, adapt, change and put in the training and hard work. Continued success may make me complacent.

Today’s marathon gave me a lot of time (unplanned) to ponder and think about the value that running brings to my life, which I do not always mindfully think about. Yes, I spend most runs sorting through my thoughts and sometimes I only think about eating copious amounts of chocolate cake! Runs that are not executed perfectly and according to plan teaches me to cherish my health and appreciate the real value of running!

Runs that do not always go to plan teaches me lessons that I have to learn and adapt my goals, sometimes mid-run. It is okay to change the goal. Giving up is not always an option and this is where ones true strength lies. Look for the lesson in every run, learn the lesson and move on. Most importantly, I have to remind myself that my so-called bad run could be someone’s PB!! This puts things into perspective and shows me that digging deep may have been the lesson I needed to learn today…

I am already looking forward to my next run!!


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