Tasneem Gangat

Tasneem Gangat – My Comrades 2016

After months,weeks, days and hours of digging deep and fighting demons, the Ultimate Human Race, the Marathon of Marathons, stood true to testing the depths of digging deeper and fighting harder.

It is a journey that will challenge you, break you, build you, teach you, transform you, humble you, redefine you and then, and then finally, delight you.
When the most powerful word of the day is “shosholoza”. When thousands of stamping feet create a vibration so powerful, the energy from the ground reverberates through every bone in your body.
“Keep going my sister, conquer these mountains”.

When oranges sprinkled with salt taste like a slice of heaven. When strangers offer you food made in their kitchens with you in mind. When strangers care about people they have never met.

When motivation comes from a child who will never run but sits in his wheelchair and cheers wildly for those who can.
When the most inspiring “high five” came from a handless boy holding his elbow out ready to make contact with a runner.

The hills, mysteriously knowing each runners ability, waiting to chew you up and spit you out if you disrespect your own ability. The fallen Comrades you are passing. Not wanting to be there, yet there is no where else you would rather be today.
The friend you made 70kms back. You know his life’s journey, we’ve spoken for hours and hours today. We are all so similar after all. When the barriers of race and religion fall away, we are all beautiful human beings. I hope our paths cross again in the future dear friend.

That moment when you mentally escape to your loved one’s. You can visualise their little faces, you can hear their voices in your head, you can almost smell them.
When the word “mummy” can set off a thousand different emotions.
When your mental game now needs to be in charge and stronger than ever.

It is that moment in time,when you are on the road, tired and hurting, when the outcome is unknown, that you are really and truly alive.
When you can finally hear the roar of the crowds, when that beautiful noise inside the stadium is incredible.
Knowing you have pushed boundaries further than you could ever begin to imagine. Realising the immense depth of your self discipline and self respect.
The sweetness of knowing that it is not the road you have conquered, but yourself instead.
It’s a long, long day not to come home with a medal.

Crossing the finishing line reminded me how much I love and appreciate my husband and my beautiful children.
A thankfulness to my family and friends, especially my two sets of parents, to the one’s who mattered most, who were patient, tolerant, who helped, who never judged, who cared, who babysat, who encouraged and who never stopped believing.
I could never claim this victory alone.

It is a race that rewards those who dedicate everything to it.
Comrades 2016 – “Izokuthoba” “It will humble you”.
And a perfect day it was to be humbly victorious.

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