The Double Medalists

On 15 November 2015 over 33 000 cyclists took part in the Momentum 94,7 km Cycle Challenge. It was a scorching hot day and a gruelling event, and the cyclists battled to complete the event as temperatures soared throughout the day. The race took place through Gauteng’s northern suburbs and the City centre. It was a logistical nightmare ensuring the safety of all the cyclists and the M1 South and M2 East free ways were closed, with cyclists occupying them for the race. From the 80 km mark it got really hot, the wind picked up and the Diepsloot area was transformed into a dust bowl. The visibility was reduced to less than a hundred meters which made the going even tougher, especially negotiating through the crowds of cyclists and avoiding collisions. The last 10 km was a challenge with unrelenting hills, each one steeper than the next. We salute all the cyclists that persevered through it all and completed the race.


A week later on 22 November another batch of over 5 000 runners took part in the City Lodge Tough One 32 km road race also in Randburg area. This time around the weather was cool, with perfect conditions made for running. The course was undulating and certainly lived up to it’s name as the “Tough One”. The route was most challenging, especially the long, gradual hills in the last 7 km. I myself completed the race for the 18th year running, however my praises go out to Yussuf Lambat the toughest Tough Oner from Jozi X running club who despite not being able to compete in this year’s event still completed 19 Tough Ones.


Of these athletes there is a group who achieved their double medals. They completed both the 94,7 km Cycle Challenge as well as the 32 km Tough One on successive Sundays. Congratulations to the following athletes from our local area: Aisha Patel, Hanifa Ebrahim, Saleem Ebrahim, Jaffer Khan, Farhana Madhi, Yasien Sarlie, Nazeer Bulbulia, Ahmed Badat and Shezaad Tayob.


We salute all the participants of both these major events for taking to the road and competing on back to back weekends. These are ordinary people who with determination and passion attain extraordinary feats, and they are our winners.


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