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The Wolf Man

Today I did a totally unplanned run and had the most fun all year I found positive in every challenge and smiled through every k please bare with me guys as The wolf howls a bit.

A few weeks ago I ran the sunrise monster 32k and planned to do it faster than I did it the previous year during the run I found myself pressuring myself to go at the pace I thought I could because I was more experienced and I trained for it, but when things weren’t going according to plan it frustrated me and I got to a point where I just wanted the run to end! a feeling I Had not experienced in all my time running I was being hard on myself my time was decent still but I was racing against myself and just being competitive by nature it disappointed me

So after the monster scared the wolf a bit I wasn’t really feeling like running this was new to me ive always enjoyed training but now I kept telling myself I need to do “this” in order to get a certain result or goal I set myself I have to stick to a plan and if I don’t then I won’t be able to do what I want and because someone with more experience told me I must be able to do something otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get that result, these are others experiences and are things we can use to help as guidelines but shouldn’t stop us from doing things your unique way a plan does not take you into account and you are special in your own way not that a plan or your top runners experience isn’t right it’s boils down to you the individual and how much you desire something

When Muhammad Makda made a Om die Dam entry available on the group I took the opportunity in a sheepish way and dmd him to take the entry because I was afraid of someone saying I shouldn’t do it as I knew myself I was under prepared since I hadn’t been training and life had been a bit hectic, but I wanted to do this run since the beginning of the year but the entry’s sold out so quickly this is what made me realize I have a burning desire to run

So I did the run in any case and just ran not raced no pressure for time no plan to be at a certain point at a certain time just run to my hearts content because I wanted to, even if it meant me waking up at 2:30 and driving to Hartees in order to be on time and beat traffic (nafsi nafsi) lol I ran my own race and met up with bus after bus urging me to join them because I had seen Them and left them or they caught up to me at certain points and I caught up to them at certain points along the way

But strange thing happened I’d like to ask if anyone else has experienced it maybe you guys can help me explain it please I was running with such rhythm not worried about time or pace and when I got to the 32k mark I was feeling stronger than I did at sunrise monster and my time was a whole lot better everything just was going According to “plan”

I realized speed is relative what’s fast for some is slow for others and vice versa what works for some doesn’t work for others what’s on a plan is not what must be done or else! This is my journey what I wanted how much did I desire the goal I set myself it boils down to desire if you say you want to do something you will find your way to reach your goal and and enjoy the journey because it’s what you want for yourself and you won’t feel like you need to do anything in order to get what you want you will want to do it because it’s what you desire now I can’t wait for Jozi to Lenz on Thursday because I want to sit on that bus lol

Thank you Kozi X and Mahommed Makda for giving me this opportunity to learn more about running I’m just a novice that thinks he’s a wolf when he runs cos he’s huffing and puffing and has an extra layer of fat that I call fur but I’m a runner and this is my journey and would be really nice if you all share your experiences so we can share in your journey like you all have played a part in mine
Use the #JoziJourneys and when you see a fellow Jozi ask them about it let’s talk to each other about our challenges that running brings us through
thank you

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