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Jozi X Training Washie 100 milers 2018

Who in their right mind runs for 1 day and two hours?

5 undaunted, Jozi X ultra-runners challenged themselves to the greatest most sought after 100 miler race, not only in South Africa, but the word!

You’ve heard of the Comrades Marathon but have you ever heard of the Washie? An ultra-marathon covering 161km from Cathcart to East London. This classic race, not known to many has been around for 42 years and takes place as the first full moon approaches to be on its brightest and most magnificent. The arduous route takes runners on an undulating route of hill climbs and descents with a 26 hour cut-off time.

An entry requirement to this grueling road race, is that each runner has a team of athletic seconds. The support crew are of utmost importance to the runners. Keeping them safe, fed and nourished, correctly dressed, navigating their route and offering medical assistance where needed. “It was an incredible experience being alongside such focused and determined runners, says one of the team’s seconds, Moosa Kola.

For the victim as well as the seconding crew Washie is not a race, it’s a journey of discovery. It is definitely the monarch of all endurance events, a feeling of fulfillment and achievement like nothing you have ever imagined.

Undoubtedly this race is and incredible experience of what the human body is capable of and here’s why.

“The Washie is a special race, nothing like it“ Mehomood Patel

“Going beyond what I thought my limits were is achievable and satisfying “Hussain Pochee

“All you need is a positive mind, nothing is impossible“ Azar Shah

“This race has no pomp and glory, it humbles you and brings you down to earth” Fazel Abrahams
“The Washie is a race that starts to become more pleasure than pain” Farhaad Khan

The Washie most certainly holds a special place in the hearts of these runners and their support crew, it is a sentiment that is not a common one and is a rare sensation. After months of mind numbing training, I’m certain that there is a distinct and physical” emotional emptiness, an inexplicable feeling…of what’s next?

-Rookshana Shah-

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